Family Fitness

We lead by example, so the way we live our lives effects how our kids live theirs. Working out with your children doesn’t necessarily mean take them to the gym with you. Working out with your children should be fun and something that will have them wanting more. Go for walks, bike rides, trampoline time, playing tag, etc. All these fun activities get the heart rate going and fit in a good amount of workout time. You should also encourage your child to be involved in a sport – this is a great way to keep them active and help build friendships, responsibility, and discipline. To get your kids motivated you need to help encourage them by limiting electronic and tv time. Children should have at least 3 days a week of physical fitness. Studies have shown that by children living a normal healthy and active life sleep better, maintain a healthy weight, and decreases their risk of developing diabetes. By doing things with your child helps build a stronger foundation and relationship, and it has an overall positive outcome.

Here are a list of other fun physical activities:



Roller skating

5k walk/run


Yard work

What are you waiting for….. get out there and have fun!!

– Stay Fit Stay You