The Value of Time

Time is very valuable for everyone, the only part is how to get your “you” time in the right areas. It isn’t about having time, but making time. Exercising does not necessarily mean you have to go to the gym, but you would be surprised on how much exercise you can do in a day’s time out of the gym.

If you don’t like going to the gym, there are other easy ways to slip in physical activity.
• Instead of using the elevator, use the steps
• Park your car further away at the store, work or home
• While your kids are at practice, walk around the field and you will still be able to watch them, nothing big, just a few laps or minutes
• When walking up steps, skip every other stair and this will act as lunges
• Do squats while doing laundry instead of simply bending over
• While you are cooking lunge your way from counter to counter, do kickbacks, etc.

– Stay Fit Stay You