Purge Emotional Writing

We all hold in a lot of pain, anger, regret, and secrets. But before we can take care of ourselves physically, we have to take care of ourselves mentally. We need to let go of all those negative feelings and emotions that hold us back and bring us down. With Purge Emotional Writing (PEW), we can help let go of some, if not all, of that which clogs our brain.
With these 3 easy steps, you can feel better and make room for more positive energy/growth:
1. Grab a notebook/paper and pen. These are your ingredients.

2.Think about something that is bothering you – don’t try to focus too much on how many things, just start writing. Don’t worry about your spelling and grammar, don’t worry about how nice you are writing, or if it even makes sense, curse if you have to, scribble, write big or in all uppercase. Whatever you have to do to release that anger, fear, and emotion that comes along with whatever is bothering you is best, that’s why this exercise works best only in writing – no computers or electronic devices. Keep writing until you feel you have said all you need to feel better. These are your feelings, don’t worry about offending anyone, as this is only for your eyes and your well-being. Don’t say things that will bring you down, because this is an exercise to release negative energy, not add to it. If you want to keep it controlled, set a timer. This is your therapy.

3. After you are done writing, or at the end of the timer, put down your pen. Do not look back at what you wrote. By reading what you wrote you will bring back all of that negative energy and feelings. Without thinking, fold up the paper and, in a safe place, burn the paper. Burning the paper gives the visualization and reality of letting those negative feelings go. Throwing it away isn’t final, because you will feel that your problem is still close and hanging on. Seeing your problems disappear to ashes before your eyes will give you that sense of accomplishment and clarity of letting go. This is your medicine.
Everyone reacts differently to this exercise, you might feel an instant sense of freedom, or you might feel drained. Just know that it is not healthy to hold in negative energy and feelings. You should try to do this exercise daily, or anytime you feel overwhelmed. There is no problem too small for this exercise.
A healthier mind, is a healthier you. Stay Fit Stay You.