Physical and Mental Health

Depression, stress and anxiety is something that we all face at some point. Some of us deal with stress in different ways, and some more frequent than others. There have been many studies to show how Physical and Mental health can go hand in hand. By fitting exercise in to your days you will help lift your mood, clear your mind and release some of that pent-up anger. By exercising, instead of medication altering the balance of chemicals in your brain, you can naturally increase the release of brain chemicals and endorphins (those that make us feel happier), it makes us more social by working out, seeing new faces, rather than the down effect anti-depressants give you that might otherwise leave you wanting to be alone and sleep. Some positive side effects of working out is that it will help lower your risk of heart disease, strokes, some cancers and obesity. Exercising will not take away your problems 100%, but it sure will help you bring that level down. Whether it is going to the gym or doing every day activities, here are a few ways to help you relieve some of your worries:

-Going for a walk/run
-Bike rides
-Gardening (the lifting and digging alone, oh yeah, it’s a workout)
-Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi

-Stay Fit Stay You