Our main goal is to provide you with the best possible information in nutrition throughout your health and wellness journey. With information for adults, student athletes, and our youth we strive to make your body nourishment one of the most rewarding experiences while training for your specific goals.

Meet Char-Lee Cassel, obtaining her master of science degree in dietetics, nutrition and exercise physiology from Washington State University. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Char-Lee takes a Health at Every Size approach to coaching health behaviors. She celebrates body diversity and values people’s lived experiences and personal body knowledge. She encourages individuals to approach wellness with compassionate self-care. She guides individuals to find the joy in moving their bodies and being physically active. Char-Lee teaches individuals how to eat in a flexible and attuned manner that values pleasure, honors the internal cues of hunger, satiety, and appetite, and gently incorporates nutrition information. 

Char-Lee is a huge fan of donuts, mountains, and farm stands. She dreams of being a professional coffee taster and enjoys gardening, blogging  and cooking. She says “there is nothing like the joy she receives from cooking a nutritious and satisfying meal for her family and hearing her kiddo  say “good cook momma!”.  Bonus if some of the food came from the garden!”

Nutritional Programs


Stay on track with your goals while we guide you on building a sustainable journey for your LIFE in Health and Wellness.


Pre-Season, In-Season, or Off-Season fueling your body is a key part to top performance. We help guide you throughout the year to excel in any sport.


Staying active and guiding our future to a productive mindset in all areas of Health & Wellness. Our YOUTH is our FUTURE.

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